Wednesday, January 28, 2009

tea time

I am really a coffee lover but then again, I am also a big flowery cans lover. Look at these lovely things from Danish Greengate. I think these classify as those little sweet things that every girl needs to have. Perfect for my jewelleries, or for just about everything. wow!

Love&Decorate, Tiina

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

helsinki rules

I've got two new babies! These sweet beautiful things wanted to follow me home from the Arlanda Airport today...
Prada perfume and body lotion.

Chloé. I don't think I have any bigger love than this perfume at the moment.

I'm back in Helsinki again, this time for business. Tomorrow is going to be a long day of talking and hosting a conference for our finnish customers, so this night I've just been enjoying my parents' company. Mum took me to nice Mexican restaurant for dinner, and shopping of course!

While I was screening the latest shoe stores I also payed a visit to a large chain store called Anttila, and escpecially one called Kodin1. This chain has a reputation of being boring and low quality, but as I love making cheap and cool findings, I always go in and have a look. These nice things I found...

This sweet Bugatti espresso machine would be perfect company for my pink toaster.

These pillows would suit my white sofa.
I love gold so this pillow would be perfect in my living room area.
This drawer is just sweet!
I think my bed would like very cosy in this clothing. Very romantic and nice colours.

These chair I like very much. They are definitely copies of design chairs such as Arne Jacobsen's but still lovely.

Here, Sputnik. Do I like it or not..? Actually I do, it's really cool and so bright.

Nice textiles. So, not bad at all! I could buy a lot of those cheap and chic stuff. Maybe tomorrow... On the other hand, the day after tomorrow I will be heading to London, and THERE will be nice stuff. Everywhere. Ouch.

Love&Decorate, Tiina

Monday, January 26, 2009

Stockholm furniture fair & 30's party in London

It's such a short time left for more fun things to do now! Only one week to my 30's party in London. We are going to celebrate it in this nice club in the city. It's going to be nice dinner and dancing all night, yeee! It is also only 2 weeks for Stockholm Furniture Fair {4 feb - 8 feb}. Stockholm is celebrating Stockholm Design Week the next week, and the city has alot of fun events to offer. I think my calender will look some like this:
Exhibition at Designgalleriet:
Designgalleriet proudly presents ”Tokyo Takushii”, a design exhibition inspired by hectic Tokyo street life with graphical patterns from taxi cars.
Exclusive showroom and shop in Stockholm. Modern furniture and accessories exclusively designed for Ligne roset by some of the world´s most famous designers of today.

[Ligne Roset]

These sofas by Ligne Roset are very nice. They have a certain Scandinavian pure style but also a bit Asian inluence. I need a new sofa, and these inspire me to look for some options.

Another great thing about this couple of weeks is that my beloved lamp is soon coming to me! I am getting Bourgie for my birthday, so so happy!
{hello, I am Bourgie and I am going be Tiinas soon}

The Swedish company KNITSBYTHEMETRE is showing it's design at the fair too. I love knitted sweaters and scarves, and this company designs and produces moders knits for interiors. Very sweet!

Love&Decorate, Tiina

Thursday, January 22, 2009

see through furniture

I think both glas and plastic is so pretty in interiors {plastic is NOT that pretty when it comes to 'wannabe-leather' handbags, but that's another thing...} I really like Kartell furniture such as Louis Ghost, but thankfully there are other alternatives. Ikea has really nice chairs for a lot less price. I think the cubic small tables from Bolia are adorable too, besides see through furniture is great when your space is limited. [Ikea]

These hallway tables are so beautiful. I love it when the light reflects on the furniture. They make interiors look very light.

{Ah pretty meets punk}


Of course, if you really really like something, why settle with just one? Imagine having dinners with your family and friends around this table... I love the combination of old and modern chandeliers.
[Sköna hem]
Talking about old and new... I am into vintage style houses but this hallway with glas stairs is just so cool. {... and the shoes... oh mama}

And some very sweet candle holders to go with my glas theme. These are found att Ellos and have a bit classic Moroccan style.

These glas vases could be Kartell {but are not}.

Love&Decorate, Tiina

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

more envy

I need to show these fantastic rooms. It's already quite obvious that I love colours, but look at these homes...

Love&Decorate, Tiina

envy is a good thing

I've been planning for a while whether I should try to make some space in my little home for a hobby corner. I just haven't really decided where exactly, or how to build my little corner. But I so would love to have a small space where I could hang out and be creative. These hobby corners are so lovely, and just invite for some creative work, reading and Internet surfing. Meaoow!

[Sköna Hem ]

Here is something so pretty for my friend Ellen who loves to sew...

[ Sköna Hem ]

[ Sköna Hem ]

Fantastic talented Nicole from Making it Lovely has absolutely fabulous hobby space where she manages her shop Pink Loves Brown. I love the pink and white boxes.

[ Making it Lovely ]

This room divider could solve my problems, that is IF I hade some space for it... But it's so lovely, isn't it?

Imagine having all these fantastic textiles in your home?!

... so envious!

Love&Decorate, Tiina

Monday, January 19, 2009

Expect the unexpected

This years theme for Heimtextil was to 'expect the unexpected' and for me personally unexpected is just the word to describe my visit to Frankfurt. The fair itself was absolutely fantastic! I made so many good contacts, and most of all, found out a lot of valuable information about the home textile business. I am so happy for the experience.

I also met so many cool pattern designers and I just felt like dying and coming to textile-print-and-pattern-heaven. Here is one, pity that they cannot release their wonderful designs online... Sooshichacha. Her prints for kids were amazing! Another fantastic design by PiP Studio in Amsterdam. These colours and designs make me dream of summer and a red cottage.

[PiP Studio]
Moltex is another all time favourite. I just love their glamorous designs, and everything is colour cordinated, big love I know!

Love&Decorate, Tiina

Monday, January 12, 2009

pink's the thing

Today I joined a seminar about taxes and other legal stuff when starting a company in Sweden. I must say I've had more interesting hours in my life, although it's good to know all that. Good... no, it absolutely necessary to know all that. During the seminar I also met new inspiring people, specially Anna, who is working as an interior designer and going to start her own business. Great contact I say!

The fair in Frankfurt is getting closer, and I am a little nervous about what I can achieve during my days there. Well, slowly everything is going to be great, I'm just so inspired by all the creative people! Here, some so-so fab colour p*rn... UK based textile designer Chrissie Probert Jones has opened her home for us {via LivingEtc}.

Love&Decorate, Tiina