Thursday, January 22, 2009

see through furniture

I think both glas and plastic is so pretty in interiors {plastic is NOT that pretty when it comes to 'wannabe-leather' handbags, but that's another thing...} I really like Kartell furniture such as Louis Ghost, but thankfully there are other alternatives. Ikea has really nice chairs for a lot less price. I think the cubic small tables from Bolia are adorable too, besides see through furniture is great when your space is limited. [Ikea]

These hallway tables are so beautiful. I love it when the light reflects on the furniture. They make interiors look very light.

{Ah pretty meets punk}


Of course, if you really really like something, why settle with just one? Imagine having dinners with your family and friends around this table... I love the combination of old and modern chandeliers.
[Sköna hem]
Talking about old and new... I am into vintage style houses but this hallway with glas stairs is just so cool. {... and the shoes... oh mama}

And some very sweet candle holders to go with my glas theme. These are found att Ellos and have a bit classic Moroccan style.

These glas vases could be Kartell {but are not}.

Love&Decorate, Tiina

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