Wednesday, January 21, 2009

envy is a good thing

I've been planning for a while whether I should try to make some space in my little home for a hobby corner. I just haven't really decided where exactly, or how to build my little corner. But I so would love to have a small space where I could hang out and be creative. These hobby corners are so lovely, and just invite for some creative work, reading and Internet surfing. Meaoow!

[Sköna Hem ]

Here is something so pretty for my friend Ellen who loves to sew...

[ Sköna Hem ]

[ Sköna Hem ]

Fantastic talented Nicole from Making it Lovely has absolutely fabulous hobby space where she manages her shop Pink Loves Brown. I love the pink and white boxes.

[ Making it Lovely ]

This room divider could solve my problems, that is IF I hade some space for it... But it's so lovely, isn't it?

Imagine having all these fantastic textiles in your home?!

... so envious!

Love&Decorate, Tiina

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