Tuesday, September 15, 2009

how does the dutch people do this?

seriously ladies, this man is crazy! look, i mean really LOOK at these spaces! the ceiling, and it's a private apartment. mine, please? and the bubbly one? what? it's a store, in bahrain. and then, it's a bar, in miami. camoon, let's lift the airbus now.



um, shopping, anyone?


ah, my stuff! let's love these cushions for b&b italia a moment now.


and more...thank you lise at urban style vibes for pointing me towards these lovelities!

♥ Love&Decorate, Tiina


Lise M. said...

Hi Tiina,

Thanks for mentioning Urban Style Vibes. However the link is not working properly. You can find Urban Style Vibes here: http://www.urbanstylevibes.com/

Pattie said...

These spaces are breathtaking!
What wonderful finds :)

Rachel Follett said...

So many beautiful details. That ceiling is amazing!

Cyma said...

Love the detail in each one of them!

Leona Gaita said...

Wow, these interiors are amazing! A little bit "Alice in Wonderland" in a good way! Thanks for posting.

Mocca and Me said...

Yep, Dutch people know how to make good stuff ;-) We are very proud of our Dutch Designers. Great post!


FURNISH.etc inredningsblogg said...

Åh vad mycket härliga inspirationsbilder du har här på bloggen! Mysig läsning :) Kram Emmy

Andreas said...

Snygga bilder.... Tack för en bra blogg!