Monday, September 14, 2009

more wallpaper

ok, here we have something { for me atleast } new stuff. i consider myself as pretty knowing when it comes to wallpapers on the markets but this i haven't seen. pretty, no? yes that's right, very lovable.

barneby gates

{ barneby gates wallpaper}

♥ Love&Decorate, Tiina


Lise M. said...

Hi Tina,

If you like wallpapers, you will love this wallpaper collection from the Dutch designer Marcel Wanders on Urban Style Vibes:

Kind Regards,

Lise M.

my favorite and my best said...

love love the first one!!

Chichi and Luxe said...

spectacular! i love these!

no hurry with the guest post Tiina, whenever you are ready i will be happy to host you :)


Cyma said...

These are lovely, I adore the first one..thanks for sharing :)

Lana said...

The first wallpaper is just amazing!!!