Thursday, September 17, 2009

stockholm must see this autumn: kimono fusion

this autumn-winter's must see in stockholm is the kimono fusion exhibition at östasiatiska museet.

"The exhibition features exquisite vintage kimonos that puts dazzling textile
techniques on display, Mixed with creations by some of japan’s hottest young
designers and artists – from takyua angel’s spectacular creatios to street-smart
childish designs by shojono tomo. Handmade accessories for young geishas are
shown side by side with the graffiti artist shin tanaka’s murals and hip hopish
origami figures inspired by the elaborate patterns of ancient kimonos"


the exhibition shows the work of shin tanaka (interview here) among other cool designers and artists. so, when ever you ladies and gentlemen visit my beautiful city, make sure you also visit this exhibition!


♥ Love&Decorate, Tiina


Federica said...

Good morning darling,
thanks! I wait your pics!
Have a fantastic day!

Rachel Follett said...

So cool! I want to go! I have been feeling inspired by Kimonos and I think it would be really sweet to makde a card with them on it.

koralee said...

Very lovely...Kimonos alway are so so beautiful ...filled with detail!

Beach Vintage said...

Its a real classic piece of fashion isn't it. Love it.