Friday, October 16, 2009

oh la la lounging in paris

in about couple of hours i'm stepping into an airplane which will take me away from paris. YES, i'm in paris! i'm excited, i love paris, but i must move on now... { paris has although one big minus. the CDG airport. hello, who designed the ugliest, coldest, non-coziest, not internet connected, no lounge'n'wine combo, not-a-single-fun-thing-in-here airport disaster? i need to check in, maybe i find some stylish lounge hangouts on the other side...}


lovely white chic home, no?

... and, yet you have no idea where i'm heading at... i'm so excited, bouncing around madly. be back soon { depending in the island's internet connexion... }

♥ Love&Decorate, Tiina

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Fröken mysbyxa said...

Totally agree! Me and A spent 12 hours there once and we had to go buy warm socks to survive the cold!
But what pissed me off the most is the total lack of decent restaurants in there. I mean, I was expecting that there would at least be some nice food in a french airport, not just the regular old crap... but nooo.

Btw, we so missed you at the alumni-thingy yesterday!