Thursday, October 15, 2009

armadillo pillows

love these creations! looolo, a canadian { actually i just don't know, the domain is .ca... it's actually very disturbing it when they don't write it on web page! and telephone without land code? hello, what should i dial? i'm so curios and need to know everything about all the cool companies, so this is frustrating } however, the cushions are very beautiful! love the green color! so, hallooo cool looolooloolo where are you?

♥ Love&Decorate, Tiina
ps. after some research i found out that 514 is a montreal area code


Sarah said...

I love, love your blog! especially your always make me laugh. Great addition to my day, thank you!

Cyma said...

Haha you write really well, It frustrates me too when I can't identify the details.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!