Thursday, September 10, 2009

ah yes, here i would sleep

i was talking to a friend last night about re-designing his home, and the first step in the process was to direct him to the oh-ah-gallery for inspiration. whereas he got this task to do, i also kind of got stuck there. little reminder for me: this is how i want my bedroom.


Stripy headboard


another reminder: i shouldn't distract myself with this kind of images.

♥ Love&Decorate, Tiina


my favorite and my best said...

fabulous! i love and adore room numer 2.

Waxy said...

I would sleep in any of those rooms (does that make skanky?) but especially the first one!!!

Cyma said...

I really like the second one, so elegant!

koralee said...

Yes...I could easly sleep there too! I love the plum/'s starting to become my favourite colour of the season!