Monday, August 24, 2009

swedish design week { part 1 }

let's have a real swedish design week! why? because the swedes do great stuff! and also at the end of this week is the biggest design fair in scandinavia, formex. i've been looking for this week for a looooong loong time now... the fair is only for trade, but since i must get there in order to create my own ideas and ofcourse, to tell you about the newest scandi designs, i asked some lovely designers to send me an invitiation... not only did i get a couple of invitations but a free entrance ticket too! i love it when people are helpful!!!

here, a swedish designer, jenny frank from designStudioForm, who creates fantastic linen pillows, candle holders and alike. you must go and have look at this super creative lady's work!


another swedish design company that makes my stockings spin is edblad&co. this lovely company creates jewellery and interiors with materials like silver, plastic, pearls, silk and porcelain, and all with green values. have a look at these fab products!


♥ Love&Decorate, Tiina

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Jayne said...

Oooh you lucky thing, I am so jealous! Have a brilliant time! x Jayne