Friday, August 7, 2009

i salute you madonna

tomorrow is THE day i've been waiting for since i was 5 years old and got my first album. madonna. in gothenburg. everybody's there. stockholm will be empty. this is big. i will do the Vogue. i will do the Prayers. i will Jump. i will Push it. i will Cry Baby. i am Material Girl. i dream of La Isla Bonita. i will Express myself. i will Cherish. you will Give It 2 Me. this will be Something To Remember. gosh, i salute you.


♥ Dance, Love&Decorate, Tiina


my favorite and my best said...

awesome!!!!!!! i have never seen madonna live but have heard it is one hell of a show! have fun tiina!!


I worship Madonna! If you have really good seats, you must come back and tell me how her arms look. That is all anyone here can talk about these days! (They say they're scary!)