Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Jessica Rust Designs ~ loveliest tableware


it's time for another interview here on LC. my friends, you must see this lovely woman's work! jessica rust was featured as one of the inspirational women entreprenours in country living some time ago. and since inpiration she gives, and the same thing we all need, i decided to have a little chat with the lovely desiger. here you go!

where do you get your design ideas and inspiration?
JR: Design inspiration; it comes from everywhere. I love the new cartoons my children watch the detail involved blows my mind away, not at all like the ones I remember. I've started a few concepts based on some artwork I've seen in those shows. I also take a great deal from nature. I like my nature at a distance as bugs freak me out, (although I do find them visually amazing). I've found a lot of design inspiration with my walks with our dog, Adi. The whole process clears my mind and being outside is always liberating.

what are the biggest challenges in starting a company, specially in design branch?
JR: The biggest challenges for starting my company and I'm sure for anyone, is finding the money and time. Money often will afford you some time but if you aren't working full time then where is the money coming from? And if you are working full time where is the time. It is still a challenge for me, finding the money I still don't pay myself a salary. I'm hopeful that will change in the next 6 months, but who knows. These are unpredictable times. I started my business with $200 and only purchased things as I had the cash flow to buy them. I'm not comfortable with credit but I know that is the way most businesses start and there is nothing wrong it, just not OK for me.

what tips would you give to other young female entrepreneurs?
JR: My biggest advise is what you'll hear over and over again so sorry to say it, but love what you do because you'll be doing it 18 hours a day 7 days a week for a long time. If you don't love it don't do it, it isn't worth it. If you love it do it and don't let any voices stop you. Just do it.

JUST DO IT! love it. you must go and read about jessica and other brave female entreneurs featured in country living. and after you are done, please write about who inspires you here at holly's decor8 { oh camoon, tell me too!! }. i must say that i have been so inspired lately, much thanks to you all!
thank you lovely jessica!

♥ Love&Decorate, Tiina


OceanDreams said...

Ohh, how pretty! I enjoyed learning more about this artist, she does beautiful work!

Kristin said...

I am inspired by my fellow bloggers on a daily basis. What beautiful designs and fabulous interview!

Federica said...

Such an interesting interview darling! This artist is really creative, I like very much her works!

Kellie Collis said...

These are beautiful!!! x

Slices of Beauty... said...

Lovely interview!