Monday, July 27, 2009

happy monday morning!


{ daniel farmer photography }
good day my friends! how was your weekend? are you on holidays this week? i'm very good, this week is going to be really nice... why, because i'm jetsetting off to barcelona :) so, i believe that this weeks posts will have a slight spanish touch... so, any tips for me? your favorite shops and bars in barcelona? i can send you a souvenir if you point me to a really lovely shop!
should we... have coffees here?


... or maybe go touring here?


... stay in a luxury house like this?


... and party here?


{ barcelonabible }

oh yes, we will!

♥ Love&Decorate, Tiina


Rachel Follett said...

I always forget about the crazy time difference here. It is still Sunday night on Maui. So I am completely jealous that you are going to Barcelona! I want to go so badly! Love your inspiration especially that hotel room with the gold mirror. So fabulous!

Kellie Collis said...

Oh that yummy food. Such gorgeous decor here !

my favorite and my best said...

wowzers! looks like a blast. have fun and be safe miss tiina.

Blogg by Maliin Stoor said...

Tack för fina bilder (som vanligt =)

Må gott


The Townhouselady said...

So much pretty in one post!! Have a blast.

Jolena said...

How gorgeous! All of it! I want to go with you!


One of my favorite cities. I love going to the Picasso Museum, the tapas bars, and the Camper store. Have a great time!

Waxy said...

How fun! Have a great time!

Vintage+Chic said...

Hi Tiina, tomorrow morning I will ask all my spanish readers to send mails or leave comments in my blog for Barcelona tips JUST FOR YOU! Hope you'll find some help for your Spanish adventure... And well, when are you coming to Asturias?? (the last film from Woody Allen Vicky Cristina Barcelona was shooted between Barcelona and Asturias ;)) That's a different Spain...

Tiina of LiviaConcept said...

oooh, thank you so much Leticia! i can hardly wait!!! i so love vicky christina barcelona, and i promise to visit your fab country many times! my friends are travelling around there right now, but due to lack of holiday days left this year (i know, too many long weekend trips so far..) i'm only able to stay 4 days. but i'm looking forward the tips!
¡Vamos a España! yeee!!

Jayne said...

I would love to visit Barcelona, I have heard it is amazing! Thanks for the great inspiring pictures. I should save my pennies ... x Jayne

Tremenda Miranda said...

Hi Tiina!! I'm Marta and I have read in the blog of vintage&chic that you are going to Barcelona!! I wrote some recommendations for you in her blog (I'm from Barcelona!!), so you can read them and, if you had more questions, of course I will be delighted to help you!! This is my mail:
And sorry for my bad english!!!!!!!! :_(
(By the way, your blog is LOVELY!!!!!)