Wednesday, June 10, 2009

ralph lauren home

Jag älskar Ralph Lauren Home -kollektion! Vill man ha blått, romantiskt, country, och fin kvalité så är det bra att titta hit!

I love Ralph Lauren Home Collection! If you want blue, romantic, country, and fine quality, just look here!

♥ Love&Decorate, Tiina


Federica said...

It's really a chic and elegant collection! Love this!

Rachel Follett said...

Love that blue with roses. So chic!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I work @ RL Home and it is good to see fans of Mr. Lauren's home line, not many people are familiar with it. During your travels, please make sure to visit one of our stores that carry Home, they are set up beautifully and at great expense to showcase the RL lifestyle. Cheers!