Sunday, February 22, 2009

white {and red carpet}

I haven't really been inspired for a while, just been working and ... well, doing other stuff. But this weekend has been such a nice and quiet one, and I feel like I'd love to start preparing for the spring {although it's snowing again here in Stockholm...} But, the good thing is that it's the snow that is inspiring me at the moment. I need white! I just finished removing my wallpapers, and the next thing is to get to the hardware store to buy paint. Everything is going to be white! I will also pay Ikea a visit since they have pretty and cheap textiles for my soon to be white home.

However, tonight is not about homes but about red carpets. I'm anxious to see The Academy Awards red carpet, which starts right now. It's going to be a long but fantastic night {and a lot of coffee...}

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Anonymous said...

hej snygging. fick HMs nya heminredningskatalog i bevlådan idag. vilket utbud. och där snackar vi ikea-billigt.

// Maria