Sunday, January 11, 2009

carpets are cool

I just had a discussion with a friend who would love to buy a new carpet. According to LivingEtc carpets really are cool. It seems like carpets and floor decorations would be the next big trend after wallpapers and decorations. The refreshing news is also that now, people, EVERYBODY needs to use colour. Lots of it! The Rug Company has opened a store in Sthlm some years ago, and now customers can get their hands on the designs by von Furstenberg, Paul Smith, Marni, Westwood among others... It's specially appreciated to cover floors here in Scandinavia during the winter time, since it really is freezing cold. Nice carpets definitely heightens the mysfaktor. Maybe these nice pictures will inspire my friend to go crazy on colourful carpets... {and maybe on price tags too..?}

[The Rug Company ]

Love&Decorate, Tiina

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