Monday, December 22, 2008

small places

Today I visited a friend's place in the central Helsinki, where I am spending my Christmas holiday eating mum's great food. I am so happy to walk around in Helsinki again, it's beautiful (weather is bad as usually) and very decorated. Tomorrow I will take my camera out to the town to take some nice pictures.

But, my friend's place. It is a 15 sqm home, and two persons living there :) I was very impressed by the way they have organized, specially when it comes to closets. Here are some closet ideas.

This walk-in looks so nice. [IKEA]

Another very smart solutions is seen here. Although my friends did not have enough space for stairs... :) [foto Stefan Ek, Vi i Villa]

Yet another mouth watering thing I found in Italy. I guess this solution needs a little bit bigger home. [Poliform, Italy] This really should be mine...

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